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12 May 2012 @ 02:37 pm
Sombulus - The Nonsequiturmobile Debut!  

So guys, remember these pages that I drew last June for NaNoMangO 2011?

After spending almost year of wrapping up the Tirani Kingdom (which went on waaaaaaaaay longer than I intended) I've gotten to the inking and coloring phase of this!

It's been so nice working from the art I laid out last year instead of put my head back into thinking about the non-sequiturmobile from lots of odd angles. It's also a REALLY GOOD thing I scanned them all in for the NaNoMangO community, because my scanner doesn't have the drivers for Windows 7 so I can't sketch by hand and scan anymore.

However, I've been fine-tuning the plot and switching stuff around, so a good portion of the layouts had to be changed to include Tenge and Astyr, who weren't in this scene before (originally, it was just supposed to be a bonus story, not part of the plot). So I might be reworking the next part of this scene as my June 'MangO project.

Speaking of which, does anyone know what the story behind June NaNoMangO going to be? I know we had discussed having some other non-LJ site for it to open it up and there was a call out for volunteers?
sweet_gardeniasweet_gardenia on May 12th, 2012 10:58 pm (UTC)
I recall that CommDad had mentioned registering a website and I just googled for said website but there seems to be no activity going on with it just yet (if it was the right website) just the domain name. I think I had agreed to donate some colored art to help make the website all purdy, I'm still up for that and I'm certainly all up for cheerleading :) I'm going to be out of town at the very beginning of June (like the first couple of days or so) but I still plan on participating with all enthusiasm just...not sure yet what I want to do in terms of this June's project. I look forward to seeing what you are going to be coming up with this summer (heh I dunno if you saw it in the page but I made a little homage to Tenge in the page where I introduced Pig/Rooster Feet Guy XD)
Delphinadel_chan on May 13th, 2012 12:01 am (UTC)
I totally missed it at first, and then I didn't read carefully enough and was scouring your latest page. "He's drinking tea... I guess Tenge drank tea, but so did a lot of people. Is he eating the couch? No, I'm pretty sure he's just tossing sugar cubes around. But he seems like the kind of guy that would start eating a couch, so maybe..." Then I checked the page before and he was staring me right in the face. D'oh!

I want to say you should work on D&D, but I'm awfully curious about Pigrooster Man too. Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it'll be awesome!
The Drummeradifferentdrum on May 13th, 2012 05:09 am (UTC)
Look! It's CommDad~

As far as I'm aware (Because Ur CommMother and I haven't discussed it in a long while) June's MangO is still happening on the LJ Comm. CommMom's the one that's ultimately in charge and I just steer the boat. CommMom also has a SUPER busy life and has about six million different projects going on at once, on top of school, and holding down The Job Of Awesome at The Discovery Channel. Over the last few MangO's I'll confess they totally snuck up on us so we were ill prepared. I long for the day MangO gets big enough for it's britches that we get big enough like the Office of Letters and Light for NaNoWriMo with a staff, and planning, and all that. It's a pipe dream of mine, but I'd like to find a way for participants and 'winners' to be compiled into an anthology like NaNoWriMo gives you a proof copy of your NaNo Novel should you make the 50k.

It shows promise of getting there someday. :D

Delphinadel_chan on May 13th, 2012 09:00 pm (UTC)
Cool! Lookin' forward to it, and definitely appreciate everything you guys have done. =D
kinekokineko on May 13th, 2012 11:45 am (UTC)
The page read better with this perspective I think :)

Are we doing an head count? Who is going to participate in june? *raise hand*
Delphinadel_chan on May 13th, 2012 09:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I realized after I drew it that they would have to be standing on the hood of the vehicle to be that close to the steering console. And that would make it really hard to take the sheet off the front. Ooops.